Meet the Chapter


Nicholas Caswell
Kiera Connolly
Senior Vice President
Erik Wong
VP of Pledge Education
Cami Meyer
Director of Expo & Showcase
Lucy Matson
Director of Expo & Showcase
Rachel Greenberg
VP of Finance
Kyle Vasek
VP of Chapter Operations
Noah Gerwinat
Ben Emig
VP of Professional Activities
Nicholas Wilson
VP of Community Service
Kaitlyn Sump
VP of Scholarships & Awards
Jaleesa Mooney
Director of Marketing
Ben Emig
VP of Alumni Relations
Madison Wiese
Director of Brotherhood
Haley Gebhart
Director of Brotherhood
Anna Bai
Director of Communication
Bhavish Pammidimukkala
Director of Fundraising
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Our Chapter Advisor

Aimee McFarland is a lecturer for Business Communication, specializing in student engagement, public speaking, effective nonverbal communication, and career development. We are proud to have her as our Chapter Advisor for Gamma Psi! 

District Director

Mike Mallonee is a District Director for Delta Sigma Pi National Fraternity. We are so fortunate and thankful to have him as our District Director to assist Gamma Psi in improving our chapter and operations! 

Our Collegiate Brothers

Spencer Campman
Kendall Colell
Kiera Connolly
Hugh Gray
Regan Robillard
Joe Schneider
Izzy Rasmussen
Melissa Ivich
Brandon Bailey
Ben Tye
Noah Kitazawa
Danyelle Grabowski
Jerry Edwards
Roman Martinez
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Armani Enriquez-Barajas
Cassie Eraci
Lexi Feder
Patrick Galvin
Noah Gerwinat
Rachel Greenberg
Lauren Hays
Maddie Henkel
Temi Omotinugbon
Kevin Howard
Brian Zehnpfenning
Joseph Flores
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Kendall Hill
Maddy Hill
Cole Houck
Kayla Hutton
Sally Hwang
Bailey Jones
Lucas Kim
Mary Kimball
David Lathrop
Jake Harker
Kendall Schoux
Haley Gebhart
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Carter Marks
Lucy Matson
Cameron Meyer
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Luther Saxton
Ali Schuff
Jake Schulte
Kenidy Stephenson
Mia Sternberg
Kaitlyn Sump
Caitlyn Thome
Kyle Vasek
Tori Vath
Paige Way
Erik Wong
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Bhavish Pammidmukkala
Charlie Parrella
Delcia Petersen
Jonny Prygocki
Reid Riley
Kai Zimmerman
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